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2019 by Nevenka Moulakas for Inspiring Warriors


Supporting connection between parents, children and their community.

We support you in raising emotionally intelligent children through expert advice and practical strategies.

Based in Melbourne, we provide support and programs for...


Feel empowered and skilled to create an emotionally healthy family. Our programs provide personalised support that addresses your family’s unique needs.


We specialise in building your children’s emotional resilience though easy-to-learn strategies, leading to their improved confidence and self-esteem.


We’ll help you feel confident in providing a supported and positive learning environment for your students and equip you with skills to manage challenging behaviours.


Inspiring Warriors is committed to build connections between parents and children, as well as to support positive relationships within their community.

We empower parents and children by fostering awareness of the role social and emotional skills play in developing a growth mindset leading to improved harmony within families, schools and overall wellbeing.

We provide a holistic wrap-around model of service delivery which can include parents, children and schools. This in turn supports individual outcomes by nurturing relationship building, gratitude, empathy and resilience.

"It takes a village to raise a child."


We are passionate about inspiring and empowering children to be emotionally and socially aware through practical and effective strategies.


With over 40 years combined experience, Inspiring Warriors are dedicated to helping raise resilient and confident kids with long-lasting skills.